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Interview with Justin Bruns

I know him to be a fearless interpreter of both new music and standard repertoire. He’s a violinist who not only can play anything, but one who can play anything eloquently and elegantly. Between services in Santa Cruz, we sat down to talk about a life in music. [...]

A Dreamer’s Guide to Perfection

What I really need, is a book titled “A Dreamer’s Guide to Perfection”. Unfortunately, not only that such book doesn’t exist, there seems to be a consensus that “there is no such thing as perfect”. [...]

Interview with Elim Chan

Hong Kong-born conductor, Elim Chan, bypasses prejudice with her uncompromised professionalism. Her work shines brilliantly across Europe, the United States, as well as her home country of Hong Kong; though it all began almost by chance. [...]

Interview with Chaya Czernowin

Her music is both free and precise, conceptual and physical, and above all, highly emotional. A conversation with one of the most performed composers of our time, Chaya Czernowin. [...]

Sunday Mixtape
Birth of Lola

Featuring: Catherine Lamb, Christina Kubisch, Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger, Laraaji, Olga Neuwirth, Laurie Anderson and more. Mixed by Maya Shenfeld, illustrated by Omer Lavi. [...]

Editors' pick

The Extended Human Voice

The human voice is apparently the most ancient musical instrument, the most accessible for humans, and the most developed among all musical instruments. [...]