Interview with Elim Chan

Hong Kong-born conductor, Elim Chan, bypasses prejudice with her uncompromised professionalism. She maintains an impressive internal balance while remaining perfectly focused in her ultra-successful conducting career. Chan’s work shines [...]

Sunday Mixtape:
Birth of Lola

Mixed by Maya Shenfeld   Illustrated by Omer Lavi     Track Listing • Catherine Lamb: String Quartet, Second Half(2009. The London Contemporary Soloists, 2015 • Christina Kubisch, Peter Kutin, [...]

To-Do List:
Pablo Rus Broseta

Associate Conductor of the Seattle Symphony, Pablo Rus Broseta shares his very green To-Do List. Tick the box if you’ve done these:     Go for a hike in [...]

What They Read:
Rachel Harmatuk Pino

Violinist Rachel Harmatuk Pino: This book takes you on a journey into the mind of Leonard Bernstein, exploring his opinions of specific musical masterpieces as well as thoughts on [...]