Stockhausen in the Sky

An old lady eagerly turns the knobs of her radio, trying to fix the sounds coming out of the speakers: “My radio is broken!” she complains, a moment before the broadcaster [...]

Bach and Aphex Twin

Within the flow of art which we experience over years of listening to music, reading books, going to museums and shows – there are always these very few works, [...]

Happy New Hear

So many words have the word EAR in them: HEAR, FEAR, TEAR, CLEAR, DEAR …many more and also YEAR. This might suggest that our ears are very important. A [...]


Devising an all-women program I'm forced to admit how far we are from gender equality. Standard concerts are all-men-programs, without being regarded as an original concept. [...]

Why Do The Birds

Spring is here, and the birds singing on treetops overcome loud streets with their ancient music. I’ve just read that most birds sing in a frequency ranging between 1000 [...]

Traveling Melodies

As I was interviewing Francesco Tristano a couple of days ago, after his show with The Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, we quickly stumbled upon the subject of traveling and what it does to [...]