To-Do List
Pablo Rus Broseta

Associate Conductor of the Seattle Symphony, Pablo Rus Broseta shares his very green To-Do List. Tick the box if you’ve done these:

    Go for a hike in the Olympic Mountains in Washington

    Watch the mediterranian sea, wherever

    Listen to the jungle in Borneo

    Eat octopus in Porto

    Learn to scuba dive

    Support quiet people

    Follow my two years old son

    Travel in a train unknowing the final destination

    Rehearse only what is essential

    Make noise in a bear country

3 thoughts on “To-Do List
Pablo Rus Broseta

  1. I was wandering in Porto, pretty much lost, late one night. We came upon this cafe that looked like it was from the belle epoque. The special was grilled octopus. A most memorable evening and meal.