Palm Story
Alice Sara Ott

A private tour inside the palms of pianist Alice Sara Ott – click the squares:

9 thoughts on “Palm Story
Alice Sara Ott

  1. What an original way to get to know the inner artist. I read the stories with great interest, it’s much more fun than to read a article about an artist. I can identify with her memory of her father’s big hands…

  2. I am so sure she is a great artist, if she talks so openly about herself, I fell in love!
    And what a way to share this!!

  3. He will love you and not worry about your hands or feet. He may be slightly insecure about your immense talent, but he will get over it as he won’t have to buy your wonderful music and he will hear it the best of anyone.

  4. I like you the way you are. Your face is expressive and so are your hands. What is important is not how big your hands are but what you do with them. You are a passionate
    girl/woman. A man who respects and appreciates you, a man who values you and can feel your soul is a man who deserves you. There is nothing wrong with your feet: I like to see you on stage
    without shoes. Can you wear Tabis?

    私はあなたのようにあなたが好きです。 あなたの顔は表現力があり、手もそうです。 重要なことは、あなたの手がどれほど大きいかではなく、あなたがそれらで何をするかです。 あなたは情熱的です
    女の子/女性。 あなたを尊敬し、感謝する人、あなたを大切にし、あなたの魂を感じる人はあなたに値する人です。 あなたの足に間違っていることは何もありません。私はあなたを舞台で見たいです。
    靴なし。 あなたはタブビスを着ていますか?