Palm Story
Avi Avital

A private tour inside the palms of mandolinist Avi Avital – click the squares:

// Avi Avital was interviewed by composer Netta Shahar, who is also the author of these articles.

4 thoughts on “Palm Story
Avi Avital

  1. Oh this series on Avi Avitals hands just touches me immensely! I love this musicians’ art so much. I have been fascinated by his way of playing the instrument and his hands are at the heart of it all. Very moving to see the impact of his hard work even on his bones. I was interested in the teachers’ mistake which became a strength for Avi. Very very nice article! Clever,informative and touching. Thank you.

  2. Very nice article about Avi. He is such a talented muscian. I love going to his concerts. But I feel badly that while I am enjoying his music his wife and son are without him.

  3. In a few words and a photograph so much was said, a beautiful snapshot of such an authentic and exciting artist. As a singer it is a privilege to enter into another musician’s world and see the particular challenges that each instrument brings. Many thanks indeed.