Weekend Reading List

We’ve put together a short reading list, because the weekend is here! Celebrating Bernstein’s 100th birthday, we begin with an appropriate book recommendation by Rachel Harmatuk Pino, followed by some thoughts from the midst of summer (right before the hot winds are leaving us) by Daniela Shemer. Revisit Jascha Nemtsov’s text about the Preludes and Fugues by Zaderatsky, discover 8 ways to play better, and lastly, read and watch a conversation with Mastro Eliahu Inbal. If you are one of those who can read and enjoy music at the same time, go ahead and listen once more to Anapana, Alberto Chin’s mixtape, illustrated by Omer Lavi.

What They Read Rachel Harmatuk Pino

Ambient 5: Music for a Sea with No Waves

Vsevolod Zaderatsky and His 24 Preludes and Fugues for Piano

We Need to Talk: Eliahu Inbal and Balázs Nemes in Conversation

8 Ways To “Play” Better

Sunday Mixtape Anapana