What They Wear
WenXiao Zheng

My white  shoes were a present from my wife. I love them because they are stylish and comfortable, and because when I wear them, I feel as if my [...]

What They Wear:
Maya Felixbrodt

Violist and composer Maya Felixbrodt: “Calling the animal women: We don’t know what to do about the snake. How to kill it. We’ll take it to our animal farm, [...]

What They Wear:
Rike Huy

Trumpet player Rike Huy: “Karl started playing, he had thought the trumpet would be poorly made, maybe good for noise making, but now it seemed to be an instrument that [...]

What They Wear:
Neta Maimon

Cellist and music cognition researcher Neta Maimon: “Don’t tell me all these words It’s too much for me If there’s a place to be I’m not that little girl you [...]

What They Wear:
Alexandar Hadjiev

Bassoonist and artistic director of-  180° – laboratory for innovative art Sofia Festival, Alexandar Hadjiev: Enjoys caps; collar-shirts buttoned to the top;  1,600,230 sneakers.         [...]